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Architects are the most well know career in this field, however there are also other roles such as Town Planning Officers, Architectural Technologists and Architectural Technicians. These roles work closely with other professionals to support the design and building process.

Town Planning Officers

Town Planning Officers liaise with local and national government to advise on urban and regional planning issues. Their work includes examining and evaluating development proposals and presenting narrative plans affecting the use of land, housing and transport facilities.

Architectural Technicians

Architectural Technicians work with project teams on a construction site or in an office. They prepare technical information and data, use computer aided design (CAD), develop specifications and give technical advice to the project team.

Architectural Technologists

Using technology and experience Architectural Technologists see projects through from the initial concept to the final building. Responsibilities can include risk assessments, reporting, evaluating and advising on environmental, legal and other regulatory procedures.


Architects design new buildings or extensions or alterations to existing buildings. They can also work and advise on the restoration and conservation of older properties or work on large developments.

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