The Final Cut

At the turn of the year we were thrilled to find announce that three of our hairdressing apprentices, Katie, Alisha and Jasmine had made the FINALS at the 2021 UK Hair and Beauty Awards. It was a wonderful way to start the year particularly as they had had a turbulent year previous with the Covid pandemic, which saw hair and beauty salons across the county close due to lockdown and tier restrictions.

Skip a few months since the announcement and we’re delighted that Katie has been awarded 9th place overall in the grand finals! Katie says: “I was so excited to have got through the first rounds of the awards. And now to have come 9th overall in the grand finals is an absolute dream come true.”

Alisha and Katie

Alisha said: “I was really excited and happy to get through to the finals –  there’s an awful lot of hard work that goes into something like this so I am really thrilled that my work has been recognised.”

Jasmin added: “Yes, I totally agree. I was so proud and excited that our work had been recognised. It was a really great feeling.”

Jasmine (above) and her work (below)

John Kersey at Kersey Hairdressing and Katie and Alisha employers says: “I am delighted with both Alisha and Katie, they have a high work ethic and put so much into caring for their clients.

“On the 1st April Kersey hairdressing reached its 25th year in business, many apprentices over that period have been trained via Preston’s College, and I have always been happy with the support given to my apprentices and my salon.”

Tutor, Amanda says: “All three girls have done extremely well and we’re all so proud of them. Alisha has worked so hard to complete her apprenticeships and is an amazing hair stylist. Katie, equally is an amazing student and always puts so much effort into everything she does and Jasmine works so very hard at the college and the workplace; she has real ambition and a drive to succeed.  Well done to all three girls –they have done incredibly well.”


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